About Me


My name is Matej and I'm a wedding photographer based in Zagreb, Croatia — but I'll take any opportunity to travel! I have been a wedding photographer for over 10 years. Weddings bring a smile to my face so don't be surprised if you see me wearing a smile at your wedding until the morning.

I'm a man of few words so my way of telling a story is by capturing true emotions, details and happy moments on your special day. I always try to do it very quiet and discreet.


see the Northern lights, ride a camel in the desert, stand under the waterfall, go ziplining, go on a road trip, fly first class, visit a volcano, go on a panoramic flight over the city, fly in a hot air balloon, live abroad for some time,learn a new language, see the Egyptian pyramids, go skiing, visit every continent, see the Grand Canyon, travel by plane, visit New York City, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Canary Islands, see the Niagara Falls, drink starbuckscoffeein New York, see the flower fields in the Netherlands, sleep under the starry sky in a bedroom with a glass roof


  • I really like baking cakes, but what I really enjoy is eating them, in fact I'm eating a slice of cheesecake as I'm writing this. 
  • When I come to a restaurant, the first thing I look at on the menu are desserts, because of course dessert is my main course. 
  • I like my coffee with no sugar and 
  • My favorite fruit is mango. 
  • I love travelling. 
  • The sound of any flying insect buzzing near my ears annoys me so much so if you see me at your wedding flapping my arms around my head like a crazy person, just ignore me. I'm joking, I'll keep it together. 
  • I strongly dislike house centipedes and mosquitoes but I love snow and winter (because most of the bugs are dead then 😂). 
  • I have a small gap between my two front teeth. 
  • I feel so awkward when people start singing a happy birthday song to me.


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