Love in Istria, Croatia - Nikol & Leo

I had a lot of fun shooting this lovely couple. The moment I met them it felt like I already knew them and we connected right away like we were old friends. We joked and laughed throughout the entire photo shoot! It made my day! The location of photo shoot was Kotli in Istria, Croatia.  White rocks, breathtaking azure pools of Mirna river, old watermill… such a beautiful sight! Their love was evident from the first frame. I hope you feel it as well, as you pass through the photos.

This is Nikol & Leo and this is their love story… 

“We met and fell in love exactly 11 years ago and we’ve been crazy in love since then. Our adventure started in high school and it was a happy and entertaining period of our lives. Our mutual friends have been already planing to bring us together because, as they say, it was so obvious that we were created for each other. Since then, we’ve both grown and learned from each other. Of course, there were ups and downs, but that only made us stronger and made our relationship unbreakable filled with respect and trust.

Leo has always been a joker and entertainer and that’s what attracted me to him. No matter how difficult the day is, he can always cheer me up and make me laugh. As he says, the day without laughter is a day wasted. We share a great love for music. Leo plays a guitar and one of the most beautiful gifts I received from him is the love song he wrote and composed for me. Also, we love cooking, actually, he loves cooking while I do the eating. :) We like to spend our time together in nature with our dog Thor. Of course, a big place in our life is our family and friends. That’s why there are always feasts and gatherings in our house that last all night long.

We are completely different in some things. I live for dessert, while he likes salty meals. He would jump from the plane, while I am afraid of the height. He is more of a sea person, while I am more of a mountain person. But in those more important things, which is our life together and our future plans that we look forward to, we are exactly the same. And that’s why we always manage to organize our next adventure together.” ~ Nikol

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